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New Blog coming soon!!

Whoo hoo - the new blog is coming really soon! No, this is not the new look. I didn't feel like renewing my Custom CSS subscription with WordPress if I was going to switch any day. Don't forget to become a fan on facebook!

Poor neglected blog…

May 15, 2009

So this blog is getting a facelift. Soon! So in the meantime, instead of posting a bunch of sessions/weddings on this old girl, I am going to give you some teasers and make you wait 🙂 I’ve been really busy- lots of weddings, portrait sessions, furbabies, a learning party, new studio manager, new editor, new album designer, lots of management stuff and trying to be a family girl first! (scroll beneath first photo to see more – part of the reason for the face lift is this messed up gallery feature)


Personal Post: Pete’s Sermons online

May 12, 2009

I know I normally keep posts to photography, but I just wanted to let you know that my husband Pete’s sermons are online in video format. His whole Colossians series is online! – any sermon titled “How Then Shall We Live” is Pete’s. His more recent stuff on The Armor of God – The Warrior’s Closet is also there.

Tim Webster, our lead pastor, also has his sermons online 🙂 Whoo hoo! The titling of the videos have numbers in the front – it is YRMODA (2 digit year, 2 digit month 2 digit day) so, hope that doesn’t confuse you.

Sarah { b a b y f e v e r } Baltimore newborn photography

April 30, 2009

I love the smell of newborns. They are perfect – not tainted by the world yet. So shooting Sarah was much fun! In fact, her session kicked off a barage of little ones! The twins are coming and so is Baby Jeremy. Here are my favorites from the Schaeffer session. (The knit baby wrap/cocoon is from Lisa @ )

Learning Party { p h o t o s }

April 12, 2009

The first Learning Party was a success! Even with a projector failure the night before, we pulled it off! The lovely ladies who joined us a few Saturdays ago couldn’t have been better! I had 3 of my past brides in attendance, new friends and old friends, ladies of all ages and skill sets. It was a great day. I forgot how much I truly love teaching!! The food from Papa Joe’s couldn’t have been better. If you live in the Westminster area you have to check them out! My sister grabbed a few shots of the day and I will post the headshots here (ladies – a higher res version will come to you in email). All the images shot that day will be combined into a learning party group on flickr too.

So when is the next one? I’m glad you asked!

April 24 5-11pm

click here for more info

Here is what some of the girls had to say:

I always, always shot on automatic. I had no idea what the settings on my camera dial were for and never bothered reading my manual. I actually plan on sitting down with my manual and scanning it with my camera in hand to learn more. The knowledge I gained at the workshop has made me hungry to learn more and I only have a point and shoot camera. I‘m still not confident in shooting in manual mode, but maybe that will come with time. I used my camera the rest of the weekend at a birthday party & later visiting our friends new baby & I did NOT shoot once in automatic. Im going to get better with time and I can’t thank you enough!


Kim is not only a great photographer, but she is also a great teacher! She has a way of explaing things that is easy to understand and really sinks in. I love the fact that nothing is a stupid question and she really wants everyone to learn. Her Learning Party was a lot of fun and it was like hanging out with your friend! Anyone interested in taking better pictures of their kids should definitely attend!


I feel so much more confident with my camera now that I have attended Kimberly’s learning party! I am now venturing to ‘manual’ mode more often and although I don’t get all the shots, it’s really fun to start to learn how to put it all together! A wonderful, casual atmosphere where I didn’t feel afraid to ask or embarrassed for my mistakes behind the lens! I can’t wait to attend a part 2!!!


March 17, 2009

Join us on Saturday March 28 for a fun day of learning and shooting.

We’ve all been there. We get the great camera and shoot on auto forever. We think our shots will be different, but they’re not. Seriously? Do we really think the equipment we have will miraculously improve our photography? That’s like jumping into a professional race car and expecting to win the race. The driver has to know what he’s doing or you’ll get a 5 car pileup on the backstretch. (Yes, Pete is proud of my Nascar analogy)

So what are you going to do about it? The manual is too daunting and trial and error is time consuming. Why not learn with a bunch of girlfriends from someone who loves to teach?

Join me for the first I Shoot My Kids { l e a r n i n g   p a r t y } on Saturday March 28 from 10-4pm.

(Can’t make this date? Scroll to the bottom for more options)

Come with ready to learn with your camera and a laptop (if you have one).

In the morning we’ll cover the following:

  • Eye Candy – how to train your eye and learn composition
  • Let’s get digital – understanding the digital era
  • Rules & when to break them
  • Getting Exposed – command respect with your understanding of ISO, aperture and shutter speed
  • Camera Settings – what works and why

After we break for lunch from Papa Joe’s (yum!) :

  • Live Shoot – learn by doing
  • Image review – hit us with your best shot
  • Post Processing – really getting those images OUT of your camera and into your life
  • Q & A and group discussion

What will I leave with?

  • Free headshot of yourself
  • 50% off a Just Us Session with Kimberly Brooke Photography
  • I Shoot My Kids Handbook
  • You could win some awesome door prizes!

Learning Party Early Bird Rate: $61.50 until midnight Saturday 3/21

Learning Party Regular Rate:$76.88

Only 20 spots available!


If you can’t join us on Mar 28, be a party hostess!
Earn your attendee ticket by helping organize an I Shoot My Kids { l e a r n i n g  p a r t y } for your friends!

“Transform” by Zack Arias

February 20, 2009

When people put a voice to your thoughts, it is powerful. It resonates. It rings true.

Zack Arias: thank you.

(this is still a free wordpress site, so until the new blog goes live, i can’t embed the video… check out the link)

Vegas… this time with friends.

February 15, 2009

I have been to Vegas twice. Once in (fall 04?)with Pete when we were being recruited to help plant a church in Vegas – a whole ‘nother story. And the other time to WPPI in 2006. Wedding and Portrait Photographers International is a huge organization for us photogs. and their annual convention is MASSIVE. But my experience the first time was, eh. I loved having Pete with me and my sister and bro-in-law even came out and stayed the weekend. I loved the classes and tradeshow and certainly came home with renewed energy and ideas, but I felt like an outsider. At that point, I had been in the industry already for 5 years, and yet I felt like I knew no one.

This year will be so different. I will be doing WPPI Sunday thru Thurs with some amazing gals I met last Feb at a workshop {Kelly, Sarah, Tania, Kate, Caroline, Candi, April}. Start stalking their blogs now. I am also glad to be hooking up with some other local friends from the MD/DC/VA area {Julia, Shelby, Armin}. I am excited to take all the classes and have people to process it with right there on the spot.

Needless to say, I will not be in my studio all of next week. I will have my Crackberry and internet in my hotel room, but I don’t see myself having much time – our schedule is packed. If you are going to WPPI and want to connect, you can follow me on twitter:

I hate the statement “follow me on twitter.” It just seems so self-absorbed. I just set up my account and will be using it to keep connecting easy. Don’t think I’ve gotten self-inflated!

I’m staying at the MGM Grand. Hosting a prayer meetup (check twitter or facebook for updates on when and where).

See you there or when I get back!