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Nowadays everything at a wedding is customized. Gone are the days of just sitting at table number 6. No, no. Today, you might sit at a table named after a place that is special to the couple or a favorite song. Perhaps you have sat at a table named after a famous couple or the brides’ favorite dessert. But why not use your engagement photos? I did this with my sister in 2003 and ever since I published some of her images, I got tons of requests to do this with other engagement sessions! It is fun and is a great way to show off your great engagement shoot at the wedding!

Recently, Kimberly Forrest, Assistant Editor at Brides Local Magazine contacted me after seeing these images on my blog. She loved the idea and wanted to spread it on to others – in the Brides Baltimore and Brides DC magazines!!! They should be in stands in December 2007. Check out some of these Table Shotz™


Chris & Beck 2 Chris & Beck

Chris & Beck 3

Troy & KatieTroy & Katie 2

Brian & Dana

Brian & Dana 2Brian & Dana 3

Jen & Kevin Jen & Kevin 2

seven nine


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