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Self Portrait

Some things I have come to realize about myself…

family16x20.jpgI am …

  • closer to 30 than 25
  • closer to a minivan than an suv
  • closer to my 2 sons than I ever dreamed …sons are a heritage from the Lord… Psalm 127:3
  • heavier than I stated on my license. oops
  • going to get Carpal Tunnel from my camera gear, or at least something else affecting my right hand
  • totally ok with being a PC person, even though my first computer was an Apple IIGS
  • a crazy cat lady
  • a night owl
  • a procrastinator, but more on that later
  • just like my mom. Mirror, Mirror on the wall, I am my mother after all!
  • not into designer anything
  • glad to stay home on a Friday night with my 3 men
  • able to recite “Nemo” and “Cars”
  • familiar with all Thomas characters
  • going to try to stay fit
  • not sleeping enough
  • learning everyday


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