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Scott & Melissa { m a r r i e d }

November 21, 2008

As a wedding photographer in Maryland, there is no greater fun than shooting at the Chesapeake Bay Beach Club. Everywhere you turn around is another beautiful location! The Bay, the Bridge, the architecture of the place – it is all a photographer’s dream. Having a staff that is amazingly helpful and a coordinator (Erin James) who is even better? Really – this place rocks. Scott and Melissa have good taste. Their day was absolutely stunning. The weather was pleasant, the light was perfect and the bride and groom had a blast. It’s nice to see couples really enjoy their wedding and not fretting over all of the details. As an added bonus, Kathy Freundel 2nd shot for me and we had a great time (Kathy rocked an amazing slideshow in like 20 minutes!). The only mishap in this day was mine. Blue Sky Films did the video (love them) and as I was setting my shot for the cake cutting, I stepped back to get a wider shot and FELL right over one of the videographers. I will not embarrass her by naming her here, because it wasn’t her fault either. I can still hear a drunk groomsmen yelling, “Photographer down!” Mortified, I jumped to my feet, smiled, laughed and told them to cut the cake and kept shooting. Well, I’ve had my first hugely embarassing fall. Of course it did not happen while no one was looking, or at a moment when I was hiddn by others. No, this fall happened in the middle of the dance floor while all guests were standing in a circle surrounding the cake table. Nice. We all laughed it off and no gear got hurt.

Thanks, Scott and Melissa for including me in your awesome day!


Click here to view the slideshow and scroll beneath all images to get link to ALL the wedding photos.


ALL photos for viewing or printing:


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  1. December 10, 2008 7:00 pm

    Nice recovery from that mishap! I love the CBBC venue, especially the tasty low afternoon light =) Great shots!

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