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Laundry Call

June 23, 2008

What happens when your phone goes through the laundry? Your brand new blackberry pearl? *sigh* you get over it and smile because you have insurance.

Honestly, I took it well. When Pete brought the wet phone to me, still blinking it’s sad little white screen goodbye, I didn’t freak. A sense of dread passed over me for a moment thinking of all the contacts that I had not backed up with my nifty software I have had for 2 months. But again, I will get over it.

If you could shoot me an email with your CELL number, that would be great. I have most and can re-enter them, but hope that I have updated numbers.

All that said, my day got a little slower start with the insurance calls and all that. So my big plans to have blogged some Italy images, well, were a wash. I have been editing out the ones I don’t need. I mean, really, do I need 3000 images? No. But some of you have asked if I will put together a small travel photography book. I am thinking I will. Details to follow.

I also have Sean and Catherine’s wedding to post, some rocking engagement shots from Ellicott City when the heat index was 105, precious baby Isla and another sweet engagement coming soon!

Just a quick thanks for reading my blog.

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