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We are in Italy!

May 24, 2008

So, we are here in Italy. I am not writing this from our own computer, I am writing it from the computer of the JK hotel in Capri. By the way this keyboard is very different and i am having to go over this post many times! we have a crazy story from yesterday and i had written the post on my own computer, to cut and paste, but i am not on it, so i will post that later. suffice it to say, we met strangers who were very generous and fun. we had an adventure for 12 hours and saw Positano, Amalfi, Revello all from a convertible. Posh hotels, a crazy wrong turn, missing the ferry that resulted in a last minute chartered boat ride back to Capri with a personal tour around the island then an amazing dinner in a restaurant IN A LEMON GROVE! unbelievable!!! god is good!

we had been safe and getting around the island with our Italian pretty well. the food is amazing! really! fresh buffalo mozarella is to die for. Tomorrow we will go up the chairlift on Anacapri and see that part of the island, take a boat tour aorund the island, see the Blue Grotto and have the rehearsal dinner. The wedding is Monday! Too fun! We canàt wait. We are having a blast!!!

Becky… left you a message, probably will not be able to call again, but if you see a crazy number, answer it.

Mom & Dad- we might wait until Rome to pull off another Skype call, not Monday because that is the wedding and we will be exhausted. we might put in a phone call. might. (6pmish your time)

Stan & Mary- thanks for watching the boys Sat. I know they had fun. glad we got to skype you guys too!

Maybe when we get to Rome we will upload some photos! A M A Z I N G!!!

WEDDINGS- please see the previous post to see Catherine and Adam wedding!

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  1. Lisa permalink
    May 26, 2008 1:22 pm

    We cannot wait to see pics and hear all about your trip when you get back! Be safe and we are praying for the wedding today! ~ Mark and Lisa

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