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Wet Pavement, Frogs and a party in a barn like no other

March 15, 2008

I find the smell of hot wet pavement intoxicating. Tonight provided such a treat.

I stepped out of Borders with Pete to the smell of warm wet pavement after a light rain. I love love love that smell. Then when we got home, I could hear tons of frogs singing in the background. I already am affected in a positive way now that the time has changed, but now spring is really coming!!!!!!

Thursday night, my sister and Kathy Freundel all went to the Brides Magazine Network Party. Kathy has a pretty detailed post on her blog. We are awating photos from Becky. Yes, the 2 photographers did not take their camera, but Becky did!

Pete Redel, Kathye Freundel, Me & Becky
Sisters Purple Fountain
And yes, that is a purple chocolate fountain. We just found it hilarious. Someone came up to us and said, “Stay away from the chocolate fountain!” and we smiled and said, “We know!” and he said, “It is sooo good. I lost track of time and space while standing there.” And we all chuckled ebcause we felt it just tasted like the melted colored chocolate medallions you make candies out of… too funny.
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