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Panera with Kathy Freundel

February 7, 2008

It is amazing how God brings people together. In January I went to my first PUG meeting (Pictage User Group) down at Love Life Images. I just had never had the time free to go to one before, but in January it is a down time for me, so i went. By myself. Which, I have to tell you, is a good thing to do every now and then. It makes you remember what it feels like to be new someplace and not known and will truly make you the friendliest, warmest, welcoming person at the next event/group/whatever that you host or frequent.

While there, Pam Long (the first person to greet me and bring me into the group) realized that there was another photographer from my area that was coming that night. And so I met Kathy Freundel. I always laugh about Caroll County folks all being related and how everyone knows everyone and here I found myself in the same position! Kathy’s sister Nancy used to attend our church. How crazy. Anyway, we got to chatting and then Pete and I went over for dinner at their house (she and Carl have 8 kids – did I say 8? did i say how amazingly polite and sweet they ALL were?). Needless to say, we clicked. So we have chatted and emailed since and got to get together yesterday afternoon at Panera. We just talked photography, kids, secret projects and about Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep.

NILMDTS is an amazing nonprofit organization that provides professional portraiture to families experiencing infant loss free of charge. I have an interest in this because a few years ago I was able to provide some very special images to a family who lost their precious daughter after 15 minutes or so of life. It was extremely hard, but I was so blessed to have been a part of her tiny life and able to capture moments for them forever. Now that I have my own children, I know it will be even harder to do again, but I have registered with them. Kathy is the area coordinator for Carroll County. If you know of anyone expecting a potential infant loss who might be interested in this service, please check out the website or contact Kathy or myself directly.


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  1. Kathy Freundel permalink
    February 7, 2008 7:29 pm

    Hey, Kim. Just checking out your blog and website . . . so beautiful. Kim, you are one in a million . . . you are such an amazing photog, and even better, you have such an open, encouraging, and helpful spirit. I know that God brought us together . . . and I am the one on the winning end of that deal!!!

  2. Gillian permalink
    February 12, 2008 3:46 pm

    I love your blog and am a regular reader. I was so touched to see that you are now a part of NILMDTS. Our first son, Dylan was stillborn almost six years ago and how I wished I had known about this wonderful organization. I have very few pictures of my precious baby and wish I had more… I hope you know how priceless the gift of your time is to capture such a sacred event for grieving parents. I pray that you never have to be called, but we know that will not be the case. Thank you on behalf of grieving parents for having such a wonderful heart.

    BTW, if you contact your local MISS Support ( )group, I am sure they would love to know that your services are available.

  3. kimberlybrooke permalink*
    February 12, 2008 3:55 pm

    Gillian – I am so sorry for your loss, I can’t comprehend it. I am sure your memories of him will never fade! Thanks for the link to the MISS group. I will check them out.

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