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Cookbook Day 2

November 6, 2007

First, let me say that I appreciate all the enthusiasm of all of you blog watchers out there! I have had tons of requests to post the images from Day 2 of the shoot. I am finally able to do that! And I need to make a clarification. This is not my cookbook. The girl who will be publishing this book is also named Kim. She is great and I can’t wait to get some behind the scene photos posted from our fun days together. That said, her book will be titled “The Simple Gourmet” and there will be a big launch party on Dec. 4. I will post details as they come in. So, now to make your mouth water!

Tomato Pie




Mashed Potatoes


Coconut Pie


Heart Print Cookies


Lobster Croquettes







Jerk Roast


Lemon Caper Chicken

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  1. Robin permalink
    January 22, 2008 8:26 pm

    Whatever happened to the cookbook & launch party? I’m in Calif & am interested in buying one! Please update us soon, Kim. Thanks!!!

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