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Up late… again

October 19, 2007

Really, this is getting old. (Late nights, I mean. Not shooting. I just never have any day time to think abuot these things because my 7 month old and 2 1/2 yr old keep my busy!) I am clearing cards and charging batts and cleaning lenses… the usual. Today (oh yes, it is Friday now) is Matt & Peyton’s wedding. Stevie is assisting me today, which will be fun. She be a good time. Evan is the incredible DJ for the evening. If you haven’t booked Evan for your gig, do it now.

And, Jen and Kevin (whose wedding has not been posted yet, but is coming soon) went out with me on Wednesday for a little “We Did.” shoot. It was fun, but Kevin was sure to let me know he thought we already had enough pictures from the wedding. But, Kevin, you two are such a beautiful couple and you live less than 2 miles from me… so how could I resist? I will post those images as well.

In the meantime, you will have to wait until Sat evening for another photo update to the blog. I am busy with the wedding and I am doing the pumpkin thing with my 2 little pumpkins on Sat before an afternoon engagement shoot.

Much is brewing that will be revealed soon… since the hot tub has been fixed, it has been a great place for dreaming up crazy plans!


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