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October 16, 2007

So the Trash the Dress phenomenon is well known. If you don’t know about it, check to read up on it. But it occurred to me that Pete and I did a little TTD session a while ago. 5 years ago, actually! And it wasn’t a full dress trashing… that was unheard of ūüôā but it did get a little dirty, but worth it.We were married Aug. 19, 2001 and on Aug 19, 2002 I got back in my dress (no way that could happen now) and we went out to the corn fields around our town. Pete took a bunch of fun shots and these are film scans. Yes, film scans! We hadn’t switched to digital yet! Anyway – thought I would bring these out for a laugh or a smile. Just for memory’s sake on my part. And I encourage all brides to get back in their dress and do a photo shoot. You don’t have to get dirty, but spend the time to get some artistic shots you might not have had time for on your wedding day. Even if I didn’t shoot your big day, but you want to do a dress session, let me know!





Kim         Kim





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