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Stevie Trashes the Dress

October 10, 2007

Stevie on Tires

Check out Stevie’s slideshow here

Stevie and I had a great time at Condon’s salvage yard. I had met Greg at a wedding a few weeks prior to the shoot. He was the best man. We were talking and it came up in conversation that his family owned a salvage yard. He was so awesome to let us come and shoot! Greg was such a help and totally got into it and made the greasy handprint on Stevie’s dress! Thanks Greg, we’ll be back! Then we headed over to a private property near Union Bridge. The owner had a spring fed pond we were going to get into, but when we saw the size of the carp swimming in it, we got freaked out… plus it was dark… so Stevie got in the pool. I will post those another day but you can see some in the slideshow. We are definitely going to go back in the daytime and get more shots… so fun!!!


dscf1438.jpg dscf1443.jpg


dscf1482.jpg dscf1489.jpg


dscf1474.jpg dscf1495.jpg


dscf1502.jpg dscf1527.jpg






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