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Too busy to blog?

October 8, 2007

Well, friends, I need your help. I need some people out there to keep me accountable to blogging. I have a lot to share, but I’m not posting it because I am just sooo busy! And to be honest, when I could sit down and blog or play trains with Caden or help Ryder learn to sit up… I’m not going to be caught here with this keyboard. But I do want to be more consistent, so this is an open call for accountability to updates!

That said, this week, my goal is to blog once a day! On Friday I shot a senior session for Lauren. Lauren’s mom watched Ryder during the shoot, but at one point had to take Lauren’s boyfriend over to the high school to prepare for his football game that night. That meant Ryder went in the sling with me. I have not shot with Ryder in the sling yet, so this was going to be interesting. You technically aren’t supposed to have them on your back, but he has done it before and it made shooting easier. However, after about 3 minutes, Ryder fell asleep. Completely out!! When Lauren’s mom returned to the shoot, she found me shooting Lauren on the ground with Ryder on my back and grabbed these shots for me.

Ryder in sling Ryder in sling close up

It was a great shoot! Thanks Lauren and Kristen!!

TableShotzOk – and now for a little teaser… A sweet gal named Kim called me from Brides Maryland to talk about a potential story idea she wanted to run based on the TableShotz idea. We had a great conversation and her editor is interested in running the story! So soon, some of you with TableShotz may be featured in a magazine! If you are interested in adding TableShotz to your engagement session, please let me know!

That is all for now, check back tomorrow and all thru the week for more blogalicious posts! Photos from senior sessions, trashing the dress, baby bumps, puppy dogs and beach photos, not to mention a little wedding action!

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